Solution For SBCGlobal Email Login Problems.

  • Incorrect server settings ForSBCGlobal Email Login Problems

    • Wrong configuration method.

    • Incorrect username and password.

    • IMAP / POP settings error.

    • The first target of all, Open the Settings on your iPhone and then tap on the General icon.

    • Tap on Reset and then choose Reset Settings.

    • After that, ensure that your Bellsouth account is correctly set up on your iPhone. For this, go to Settings and then tap on the Mail icon.

    • Now tap into the accounts and then choose Bellsouth email.

    • Tap on your email address and then check information for Incoming and Outgoing mail servers. If they are not correct, then correct them in the right one.

    To Know More Dial: 1-877-200-8067